Going to Cincinnati- 7/25

When my day began on Monday 7/25 I knew I was going to one of three places- Cincinnati (as was my original plan for months), Cleveland (a better plan I had come up with the day before) or New York (home, because I had been traveling for 18 days at this point, and was tired and ready to go home, plus the fact I didn’t know if my car could make it). I had decided I was going to go to Cleveland, because it was about 130 miles, or 2 hours closer. I had been in Baltimore for the weekend for ballhawkfest, an event which brought together different ballhawks from around the country. The event was planned and hosted by Alan Schuster, creator of mygameballs.com. So Baltimore was where I was going to be departing from.

I left Baltimore around 9:45am, which would have given me more than enough time to reach Cleveland in time for batting practice. Cleveland is about a 5 and a half hour drive from Baltimore, while Cincinnati is about 7 and a half. I knew whichever place I went to, I would stay for 3 games, because the Detroit Tigers, which were the next stop on my road trip, did not come home until Thursday, 7/28.

I began driving west on I70 from Baltimore, with Cleveland all set up in my GPS. I was a littler more than an hour into my drive, when I looked over at my GPS and saw that in 9.8 miles, I’d need to “keep right on I70 West.” My estimated time of arrival was 3:11pm. So, just for fun, I put in Cincinnati, or more specifically “Great American Ballpark.” I set the GPS up to go there, and saw my ETA was 4:58pm. I knew that Cleveland allowed fans in at 4:30pm. and that GABP allowed fans in at 5:30pm, so in both cases, assuming no traffic, I’d be able to make it on time for batting practice.

So for the next 9.8 miles, I played around with the GPS, going back and forth, seeing the differences, seeing how far one ballpark was from the other. Finally, I get to the divide where I have to make a choice: Cleveland or Cincinnati? I’m sitting in the middle lane, heading towards Cleveland, and just as the roads are dividing, I yank the wheel toward I68 West, which meant Cincinnati.

Why am I telling you all this? Why does this matter you ask? Well, because if I went to Cleveland instead, I would have been there for THEIR 3-game series, Monday 7/25-Wednesday 7/27. And do you know what happened on Wednesday 7/27? Ervin Santana pitched a no-hitter for the Angels to beat Cleveland. I passed up on the opportunity to see a no-hitter. UGH!

Nevertheless, in this blog entry, and the ones to follow about Cincinnati, it wasn’t all for naught. It was still a great trip! But I’d give anything to see a no-hitter!

Anyway, about six hours later, I arrive in Cincinnati. Mind you, I do not drive slow, but I ran into some construction, and some heavy rush hour traffic.

I arrived at the stadium after batting practice had ended, around 6:30pm, and decided to walk around the stadium. I had only been there once before, back in 2007, and I remembered I really liked it. However, I found it to be a little disappointing. The stadium is ON the water, but you’d never know it, unlike Pittsburgh or San Francisco, both of who took advantage of that fact. The interior of the stadium is very nice, and it represents the Cincinnati Reds, with all the seating being RED, unlike a certain New York National League team with GREEN seating, who shall remain nameless. But there’s really nothing that stands out.

The Mets wound up winning this game behind the “strength” of R.A. Dickey’s arm, and a 4-run 7th.

I did not end up getting any balls at this game, my 3rd in a row without a ball, my longest streak since 2008, but alas, I can’t say I was trying all that hard.

I will blog about the next 7/26 and 7/27 in Cincinnati next, and then there will be a few past games, as well as some more recent games I need to catch up on!


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