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9/24/11 at Citi Field/Yankee Stadium/Citi Field

Citi Field/Yankee Stadium/Citi Field?!? That’s right! 3 games, 1 day, 2 stadiums! The Mets hosted the Phillies at 1pm, the Yankees hosted the Red Sox at 4pm, and the Mets again hosted the Phillies at 7pm to conclude a day/night doubleheader. You know where I was? At all 3 games!!!

I arrived at Citi Field later than usual, because I knew I had a long day ahead of me and didn’t want to be too tired. Normally, the stadium opens 2 hours before the scheduled first pitch, or in this case, 11:10am. I instead arrived around 11:45am. I knew I was putting my streak of 19 consecutive games with a ball on the line on this day, but I felt it was worth it. It was just going to be a fun-filled, jam-packed day of baseball.

I decided I wanted to get a picture of proof at my first game, and here is what I have:

As you can see, the lineups hadn’t even been announced yet, and it was 11:58am. There wasn’t much action on the field. I hung out on the 3rd base side, and tried to get a ball from a few Phillies as they warmed up, but got denied multiple times, including an open and outright denial by Shane Victorino. I’ve always strongly disliked him, and he’s only adding fuel to the fire.

As the game was about to get underway, this was my view:

That’s right (David Wright), first row ON the dugout, baby!

And there he is! I’ve gotten in good standing with an unlikely source, at Citi Field. A certain guard has recently been exceptionally nice to me, to the point you could nearly call us friends. Well, he hooked it up, and let me sit here for the whole game. And what a game it was!

The man pictured above is none other than R.A. Dickey. In this game, he took a no-hitter into the 7th, going 6 1/3 before it was finally broken up. He pitched a great game that the Mets ultimately won 2-1. The difference in the game was a pinch-hit 8th inning home run by Valentino Pascucci. He hadn’t been in the majors since the MONTREAL EXPOS!!! 2004 was his last big league action!!! This was a big-time moment for him!

The game ended in a timely fashion, and that allowed me to bust my butt outta there, and rush to Yankee Stadium. I left Citi Field at 3:48pm, got to my car at 3:56pm, and at 4:14pm I was parked at Yankee Stadium. I have a series of texts with a Mets employee documenting this!

So now, since tickets were so expensive on stubhub, I had to go find a ticket to get into Yankee Stadium. And fortunately for me, I found someone who had an extra ticket, a $250 seat mind you on the field level, behind the Yankees dugout, and I convinced him not to waste it, and to sell it to me for $20. A win for everyone!

By the time I got in to the stadium, it was the top of the 2nd inning. So thus far, I’d missed just 1 inning of baseball. Well, I arrived just in time to see the Yankees put up 6 runs in the 2nd against Jon Lester, and nearly run him from the game. Well, it didn’t take much more than that, because an inning later, and 2 more runs on the board for the Yankees, Lester was gone. Freddy Garcia pitched himself into a starting spot on the playoff roster, going 6 innings and not allowing a run, especially after Bartolo Colon allowed 7 runs in 3 innings just two days earlier.

The Yankees went on to dominate the Red Sox with a 9-1 victory. This game took exactly 3 hours, and by the time I got out of the stadium, I ran into a bunch of traffic, and it took me longer than I hoped to get back to Queens.

I arrived back at Citi Field sometime after 8pm, and quickly purchased a ticket for the game. I arrived in the stadium just as the 3rd inning ended. The Mets had a 5-3 lead, but I didn’t know how it happened. Well, by the time I sat down for this game, I was so tired, I just sat back and watched without a care in the world. The Mets went on to win the game 6-3, and sweep the doubleheader from the Phillies. I’m fairly certain the Mets hadn’t swept a first place team in a doubleheader since the Clinton administration.

Sadly, I forgot to get any further pictures/proof of myself at the actual games, but I took these pictures instead:

This first one above is me, at the night game at Citi Field, holding tickets to all 3 games. The picture below shows the tickets to each game:

All in all, I got to witness 23 innings of live baseball; watch 3 different games that count in the MLB standings, and it was all done in 2 different stadiums. Sometimes, I feel lucky to live in a city with 2 different baseball teams.


6/24: A trip to DC, my last baseball game for a while

So, this past Wednesday, 6/24 I attended the Nationals vs. Red Sox game in Washington, D.C.  What a great stadium.  There are so many nice aspects to it.  It has the old school feel, with the press boxes, and such way above the field on the highest possible level.  It has a nice open area in left field.  It’s just an enjoyable place to be.  Ushers also do not harass you as you make your way down to the field level seats, near the dugout even, when the seats are unoccupied.  Not like some New York stadiums we all know too well.  The one thing I don’t like, that “the new shea” has also, it the brick wall behind home plate that prevents you from watching the game.  That is not baseball.  It’s as if they are telling you, you are not good enough to be there.  Makes me wanna put a knee to someone’s groin, cause that’s how pompass I feel it comes off as.  Other than that, a great stadium.

I also attended a pair of Norfolk Tides Minor League games this week.  The Tides are an Orioles farm team, but they were formerly a Mets AAA team.  I went to games in Norfolk on Thursday and Friday, as they played, oddly enough, the Pawtucket Red Sox.  There were a couple of former and future major leaguers on those teams.  Joey Gathright and Jolbert Cabrera play for the Tides, while Javier Lopez, Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie and Chris Carter play for the Sox.  Lookout for an Orioles prospect named Brandon Snyder.  He is the Tides first baseman and looked very good.  But what do I know, I just watch the game.  I think I like him cause he smirked at me when I was cheering excessively loudly for him.

As the title of my entry states, the Nationals game will be my last MLB game for about a month.  I chose the wrong time to create a blog.  I spend my summers working as a counselor at a great summer camp, in which I travel the country for 40 days with a group of teenagers.  I could never imagine having more fun, or doing something more adventureous in my life. And I’m not talking skydiving adventureous, though we do go skiing, surfing, white water rafting, and so much more.  I’m just talking about an experience like no other.  No group of kids is ever the same as the next.  They always keep you on your toes.  Something I really enjoy. 

So, I will be away until August 8th, and while I WILL actually be attending a San Francisco Giants game in early August, I will not have a computer, nor be able to blog for the next 40+ days.  When I do return, I will be making a trip to Alaska, followed by one to Chicago to see the White Sox.  So that should be special, and I hope to have a lot to say about that.

Till then, farewell.