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Back, and ready to go!

Well, I’m finally back in New York (sort of), after my 40 day long camp excursion.  I am a summer camp counselor for a camp called Rein Teen Tours. Basically, I supervise a group of teenagers as we travel to many cool places, such as Mount Rushmore,Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, and more.  We did see a baseball game along the way, in San Francisco.  It was a great game for multiple reasons.  Tim Lincecum was pitching, and it was Jon Miller bobblehead night!  I am a big collector of bobbleheads, so I can’t explain to you how much it physically pained me watching my group of kids take their bobbleheads out of the packages and mess around with them.  Throwing them, playing with them and simply breaking them into many pieces for no good reason.  There are many collectors out there that I know would be hurt with this scene as well.  I guess that’s what you get from a group of 15 year olds from New York.

After camp ended, I took a little vacation up north to Alaska, to visit my friend Tom, who is stationed up there in the Coast Guard.  Alaska, even in August, is not warm.  And it rains.  A lot.  But this was of course not my only stop on my trip, because when I travel, I need to see sporting events.

So, after Alaska, before I returned to New York, I had a 4 day stop in Chicago to see the White Sox play at US Cellular Field.  I had been here once before in 2002, but did not get the full stadium experience, so needed to return.  It was great, a very nice stadium.  I will give the full details of my trip in my next entry,  I also had the pleasure of meeting a few different people that all us bloggers have come to know by now.  It was fantastic, and really made my trip that much better.  I will reveal their identities in my blog about the games.

Last night, I returned to New York, took an earlier flight home, just so I could see the Mets play, and of course lose, to Atlanta.  I came away with no balls at this game, unfortunately.  But that’s ok, because I already have a 2009 commemorative ball from the new stadium, who’s name I am choosing not to say. I passed up the chance to go to Boston today for the Red Sox vs. Yankees game, as I just need some time to be home, as I have not been for the better part of 3 months.  I will following up with entries about the recent games I attended shortly.