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My First Entry

Hey all, this is my first entry.  I’m a big baseball fan, obviously, and not just of a team, but of the sport. I simply love going to games and watching baseball be played, doesn’t matter if it’s the hated Yankees or my Mets.  Don’t be confused by my fan page, I’m just a disgruntled Mets fan.  One day I’ll come around and start rooting for them again.  And one day Luis Castillo will catch pop-ups.

For my first entry, I’m just going to give a brief bio.  I’m from Queens, NY, born and raised and have lived their all 24 years of my life. At this moment though, I’m in Orlando, having seen the Rays the play Friday.  As of June 2nd, 2009, I have been to all 31 MLB stadiums, and I waited to create a blog till I completed this goal.  Now, I’m aware there are only 30 MLB teams, and have been more than 30 stadiums in which these teams have played, as teams are constantly getting new stadiums.  Well, what I count as having been to a stadium, is seeing the team who resides in a particular stadium, play a game in their current stadium at the time.  In other words, I have seen every MLB team play a game in a stadium that was their home stadium at the time I saw the game played.  I count 31, because I count Montreal and Washington separately.

I have actually been to 35 MLB stadiums, as I have seen the old and the new Yankee Stadium (NY), Shea Stadium and Citi Field(NY Mets), RFK and Nationals Park (Washington), and Veterans Stadium and Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia).  The only current stadium I have not seen is the new Busch stadium (St. Louis).  I also have a collection of dirt from every stadium I have been too.  Strange, yes, but special to me.

I have a large collection of jerseys, over 1500 total across the 3 major sports (hence why I’m jerseyboy), as I have a home and road jersey for every MLB team, mostly with a player’s name and number.  I have oddballs such as a Jose Canseco Devil Rays jersey, a Mitch Williams Phillies jersey, a Mike Scott Astros jersey, Hideo Nomo jersey’s on 5 different teams, and so many more.  It’s more fun having weird player jerseys, as opposed to your Jeter’s and Manny’s and Santana’s. I have the common players too (but certainly not Jeter).  Please, come up with some jerseys to ask me if I have them, or suggest I should get.  I always like adding to the collection, or impressing with it.

I also have over 700 fitted hats, including the entire New Era MLB on field collection, and over 75 Mets and Red Sox hats each.

When I started watching baseball in 1995, I was a Dodger fan, but more importantly, a Mike Piazza fan.  Why, I don’t know.  I usually know these things, but this was just a random one that took it’s own course.  When Rupert Murdoch purchased, and destroyed the Dodgers in 1998, fortunately Mike came to my backyard (the Mets), and getting to see him play in person 35 times a year made me a Mets fan.  I loved Bobby Valentine, and still want him back.  Hated Willie Randolph and wish he never came.

I’m a very passionate and eccentric sports fan.  I’m loud and excitable when watching a game.  Usually not bad at a game, but in front of a tv, no one is safe.  In baseball, I hate no team more than the St. Louis Cardinals, and no player more than Albert Pujols, followed closely by Julian Tavarez. Quick story. It was September 10, 2005, Mike Piazza had been on the DL for a few weeks, this was his first game back. I had no clue before the game started. This was in St. Louis.  This was also the last game I would ever get to see Mike play in a Mets uniform, since I was away at college. He’s 2 for 3 with a HR when he comes to bat in the 7th, Tavarez plunks him in the head.  The man deserves to be spit and urinated on. He is a National now, I am in Tampa, they’re currently playing each other.  I had some choice words for him the on Friday. Back to the Cardinals- They’re fans are disgusting, the team is a joke, and gets credit when they don’t deserve it.  The won a World Series on pure luck. They beat a bad team, an injured team, and an over-rested team.  They nearly blew a 7.5 game lead with 9 to play.  They suck.

Lastly, I’ve recently become obsessed with getting baseball from players and the different stadiums I go to.  It’s commonly known as “ballhawking.”  I’m not yet good at it, but I’m learning.  I’ve currently gotten 11 balls, and have only really been trying since last September.  I have however gotten a ball in each of the last 4 games I’ve been to, and 2 balls at each game in each of the last 2.  These are my streaks.

That’s it for me for now.  There will be updates as frequently as I can.  Don’t count on them more than twice a week.