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The most frustrating game of my life

went to the White Sox vs. A’s game on Wed, Sept. 22 – a 12:35pm game on a Wednesday, in
September, between 2 average teams, not in a race, in OAKLAND, where
you’re lucky to get 10,000 people in there. The place is EMPTY. So on
this day, I decided to sit near third base, about 20 rows back of the
field, to give me more area to cover in chasing a ball. 3 minutes before
game time, an usher comes over to ask for my ticket, and tell me I have
to move. There’s NO ONE in my row, maybe 5 people in my whole section.
The section next to me had like a group though, so it was kind of full,
and easily noticeable, as it was the only filled-up section. Anyway, so I
move, to just inside of 1st base (Section 113-114). FIRST PITCH OF THE
GAME: Juan Pierre fouls it off about 6 seats to the left in the row I
was sitting. NO ONE WAS THERE!!! 1st bad sign. Then, as I’m sitting, I
notice in the left field bleachers that no one is there, maybe 10 people
total. I think “this may be my best chance to get a home run.” But it
would take a well hit ball to reach the bleachers. Bottom 3- Chris
Carter hits his first career home run to these empty seats. UGH! Then in
the 5th, I get up and start to move toward the outfield, cause there
were a decent about of balls fouled into the seats in lower right field,
near where I got my ball the day before. As I get into the aisle, there
is a foul ball that drops 10 feet from me, but a really big guy had me
boxed out and I could get to the ball that was rolling in the aisle. So,
I move, to section 110-111. ANOTHER usher comes to harass me for my
ticket, with NO ONE around. I refuse to move this time. Bottom 6, a ball
was fouled to the row behind where I was sitting in between 110-111. So
after the 7th, I move back. Bottom 8, a ball is fouled about 2 rows
back, and 3 seats in from where I was sitting. Again, no one around. By
the end of this game, I was so depressed, I was happy to be heading back
to NY. And I also wished I lived in Oakland to chase foul balls around.
A full week in that park, if you play for foul balls to the dominant
side of the line-up, I would guarantee you should get one.